Away 2 Be Yoga offers private, small group and corporate yoga lessons and workshops.  Each session includes tools to bring yoga off the mat and onto the court, rock or trail, into the workplace and home, or wherever you may be!  The sessions are both relaxing and energizing and provide participants greater knowledge of optimal physical alignment and self-awareness.

Private Sessions


We offer personalized lessons catered to your specific needs. If you are hoping to stretch, strengthen, align, relax or heal from a physical injury, private lessons will benefit you.

Contact us to book a private yoga session.

Small Group and Corporate Sessions

We offer individualized yoga lessons for your staff, team, class or family. Group yoga is a perfect idea for celebrations too! Group yoga sessions allow participants to simultaneously feel connected within while experiencing a greater connection and enhanced dynamic with the group.

Contact us to book a session for your family, group or staff.

Upcoming Classes and Events

It has a been a huge delight coming to your classes the last several months and getting to know you. To meet someone with such depth of spirit who also has the amazing ability to radiate joy and lightness and help others feel the same is a rare and wonderful thing. You have brought a lot of light and fun into my life that I had been missing (or maybe just misplaced) for quite awhile.

Tricia HigginsAway 2 Be Yoga 2014

Susan excels in all the yoga teacher necessities–the ability to explain postures so anyone can understand and mold their body appropriately, she creates a relaxed, forgiving atmosphere where I felt comfortable trying new things and willing to make mistakes, and your classes are challenging and varied enough that I never know what to expect.  I left each of Susan’s classes feeling energized and limber, but I also left with a plateful of food for thought.

Sean BoiceAway 2 Be Yoga 2014

You are one of my favorite instructors of all times.  One of my first classes back to yoga after three years was with you and you made me feel completely comfortable.  You ensured me that wherever my body was at the time was fine.  You took away all expectations and stress. I always can connect or relate to the stories you have to share in the class.  I feel completely rejuvenated by the end of class. Your classes are the bright and happy time of my day.

Cheyenne McGlueYoga Participant 2014

Thank you so much for the private lesson, your big heart and inspiring energy.

Geri BlierYoga Participant and Yoga Teacher-Yoga View Chicago

A yoga session with Susan is so incredibly helpful!  I love doing yoga and going to yoga classes, but I’ve had many injuries in my life and really needed the individual attention. I wish I contacted Susan earlier because I’ve learned the hard way that you CAN hurt yourself if you don’t do a yoga posture correctly! During our session together, she helped me understand how to take better care for my body and protect it in certain poses.   Susan is so thorough and knowledgeable about yoga and the body, plus her calm and focused demeanor made me feel really relaxed and safe. Susan offered me the perfect blend of meditative and physically challenging yoga, because she knew that my personality would appreciate both! She’s intuitive in how she works and has a true gift with yoga.  I highly recommend a session with her!  Thanks Susan!

Katie MasonYoga Participant and Therapist

Susan was a terrific yoga instructor who clearly has a passion and love for yoga. The energy she brings into the room is simply contagious. I really liked how Susan was understanding of the different levels everyone was at and how she tailored her program to help each and every student. Susan has really helped me appreciate, enjoy, and apply yoga. I highly recommend taking a class with her!

NinaAway 2 Be Yoga 2013

Susan is a caring, sensitive, perceptive and talented yoga teacher.  She creates a calm yet focused mood at the beginning of class that carries through the day whether we have a restorative class or one that’s challenging. I very much look forward to her classes.

Chris M. Away 2 Be Yoga 2012

I have taken yoga class with Susan at Vital Yoga. I was apprehensive at first being a beginner. Susan gave me confidence : gave me direction and before I knew it I was doing all the class was doing. She is encouraging and brings such a calmness to the studio. I totally enjoyed my yoga experience with her as my teacher!

Deb WilsonYoga Participant 2013

When I am in your class I feel really focused on the class itself and the positions.  Your class allowed me to be “present” 100% – just listen to my body at the moment.  I also thoroughly enjoy your pioneering ideas in regards to movement and lower back positioning in yoga.  It has allowed me to enjoy yoga more, even with my neck injury.

Cheyenne McGlueYoga Participant 2014

After each class with Susan I feel more refreshed, focused, and determined.  The classes are invaluable to me and I apply what I learn in class to everything I do.  I have learned that having proper spinal alignment increases core strength and improves posture.  This has helped me overcome the knee pain that I suffered with before. Yoga is helping to shape my future self.  The small victories I am making now are stepping stones to great health in the future.  I finally feel as if I am using my body correctly and will continue to from now on.

Jeff K.Yoga Participant 2013

Susan’s yoga sessions have been very helpful. Both educational and healing. Susan does this by adding her personal touch and individualized attention, and she does this well. Every time I leave a yoga session, I feel more aware, educated, and uplifted. I highly recommend Susan, her knowledge and care make her a much better yoga instructor than you will find most places.

David MacriYoga Participant