You excel in all the yoga teacher necessities–the ability to explain postures so anyone can understand and mold their body appropriately, you create a relaxed, forgiving atmosphere where I felt comfortable trying new things and willing to make mistakes, and your classes are challenging and varied enough that I never know what to expect.  What really makes me enjoy your classes are the the daily themes! The metaphors and stories that you tell in perfectly placed segments throughout the class. I left each of your classes feeling energized and limber, sure, but I also left with a plateful of food for thought.

Sean Yoga Participant

A yoga session with Susan is so incredibly helpful!  I love doing yoga and going to yoga classes, but I’ve had many injuries in my life and really needed the individual attention. I wish I contacted Susan earlier because I’ve learned the hard way that you CAN hurt yourself if you don’t do a yoga posture correctly! During our session together, she helped me understand how to take better care for my body and protect it in certain poses. This knowledge now helps me is bigger classes when I can’t get as much one-on-one attention as I need.  Susan is so thorough and knowledgeable about yoga and the body, plus her calm and focused demeanor made me feel really relaxed and safe. Susan offered me the perfect blend of meditative and physically challenging yoga, because she knew that my personality would appreciate both!  She’s intuitive in how she works and has a true gift with yoga.  I highly recommend a session with her!

Katie Yoga Participant, TherapistKatie Mason Counseling

It has a been a huge delight coming to your classes the last several months and getting to know you. To meet someone with such depth of spirit who also has the amazing ability to radiate joy and lightness and help others feel the same is a rare and wonderful thing. You have brought a lot of light and fun into my life that I had been missing (or maybe just misplaced) for quite awhile.

TriciaYoga Participant

I was impressed with Susan’s facilitation skills from our first activity at World Leadership School’s Facilitator Training. Her personable enthusiasm was contagious, even for a veteran facilitator like me who knows all the tricks. Susan is genuinely the ‘mentor in the center’ of everything, but she uses that talent to push her participants beyond their own expectations.

Tim Kubik PerspectivesKubik Perspectives

Susan’s gift is her ability to “read” individuals and a group, and from that create a working dynamic that fosters respect and authentic growth for everyone involved. I’ve worked with Susan three times, in three different countries, with three very different groups. Each time, I’ve marveled at her ability to make connections both with my students and in the host community, her talent for facilitating deep discussion, and her flexibility in adapting the program to fit the group. She is a model of all the skills we strive to develop through global education.

BrandonDirector of Global Education-The Berkeley Carroll School

Susan’s leadership beautifully navigates the varied terrain that global experiences bring us, from the discoveries that ignite our sense of being and purpose, to the challenges we face as we realign our sense of self and our place in the world.  With her wise and centered presence, Susan is able to inspire each individual and the group as a whole in a way that is both professional and authentic.  As a global education facilitator, Susan’s deep understanding of people and their context in the world makes learning vibrant and transformative.

Kyle Teacher-Parish Episcopal School

Of all of my travels, this trip touched my heart the most.  In no small measure, thanks to Susan! She mindfully created our time in beautiful Nicaragua that gave each of us the opportunity to have open hearted connections with a wide variety of people.  Many opportunities to learn & share, give and receive from one another.  My heart is full and ever so grateful.

Nancy Nicaragua 2014

I learned that language can connect me in a very intimate way with people who can show me a different perspective.  I learned that being open to experiences makes life more full.  I learned that forgetting about money, possessions or my image and just focusing on connections with people makes me feel more alive and makes my life more fulfilling.

SerenaNicaragua 2012

The planning for the trip was thorough. Susan was able to answer all of the questions that came up.  Her knowledge of the culture in Nicaragua made this trip meaningful to all of the members.  Many tour groups have “packaged” programs but this trip was different.  There were “check in” activities before, during and after the trip which led to involvement on a deeper level.

MeganNicaragua 2012

Susan’s yoga sessions have been very helpful. Both educational and healing. Susan does this by adding her personal touch and individualized attention, and she does this well. Every time I leave a yoga session, I feel more aware, educated, and uplifted. I highly recommend Susan, her knowledge and care make her a much better yoga instructor than you will find most places.

DavidYoga participant

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