Away 2 Be offers educational and corporate sessions and workshops to meet the specific needs of your school or company.

We focus on leadership, effective communication, social innovation, design thinking, global citizenship and storytelling.

Educator Workshops

If you are an administrator or educator concerned about bringing the world and its pressing issues into your classroom, Away 2 Be can support you.

With over 18 years of international travel experience and over a decade as a global educator in and out of the classroom, Susan brings an authentic and unique perspective to our ever-evolving and developing education paradigm.

Participants will leave our sessions with a greater awareness and appreciation of how to modify current curriculum in order to encompass the global issues facing our world today. Educators will be equipped with tools and tricks to use in their classrooms immediately.

All workshops are engaging, kinesthetic and thought provoking, eliciting rich conversation harnessed to improve your school environment.

Check out our workshop schedules below, or contact us to schedule a consulting session.

Corporate Workshops


Our corporate sessions focus on leadership, staff development and dynamics and effective communication.

If your company seeks to create an environment in which all members of your team feel included and empowered to innovate and lead, Away 2 Be will help you make it happen.

Our sessions encourage participants to recognize their strengths in order to find counterparts with whom to compensate for limitations, thus building a strong team with exponential potential.

All workshops are custom-designed to meet the specific needs of your corporation.

Educational and corporate workshops follow Away 2 Be’s “Personal, local, global” model. We begin with the individual to ultimately enhance our local and global communities.

Topics may include (but are not limited to):

  • Curriculum Writing/Development
  • Effective Communication
  • Global Citizenship
  • Global Competency for the 21st century
  • Global Issues
  • Group Dynamics
  • Intercultural relations
  • Interpersonal Communication
  • Language immersion
  • Leadership Development
  • Social Innovation
  • Storytelling
  • Team Building

See our workshop schedules below, or contact us to schedule a consulting session.

General 1-Day Workshop

Project Based Learning and Design Thinking models are implemented to support our work together.

Through a series of driving questions and kinesthetic activities, we will discover the next steps for your school or business.

  • Personal Connection: What is your story?
  • Local Connection: Who do you “walk with”?
  • Global connection: What’s next?

General 3-Day Workshop

Further investigate your story and the future of your corporation with design thinking and innovative, kinesthetic projects.

  • Introduction
  • Connect with your story
  • Connect with your team and local community
  • Connect to create a universal, sustainable plan for your team

Susan’s gift is her ability to “read” individuals and a group, and from that create a working dynamic that fosters respect and authentic growth for everyone involved. I’ve worked with Susan three times, in three different countries, with three very different groups. Each time, I’ve marveled at her ability to make connections both with my students and in the host community, her talent for facilitating deep discussion, and her flexibility in adapting the program to fit the group. She is a model of all the skills we strive to develop through global education.

Brandon ClarkeAdministration, Assistant Head of School for Program, The Berkeley Carroll School

I was impressed with Susan’s facilitation skills from our first activity at World Leadership School’s Facilitator Training. Her personable enthusiasm was contagious, even for a veteran facilitator like me who knows all the tricks. Susan is genuinely the ‘mentor in the center’ of everything, but she uses that talent to push her participants beyond their own expectations.

Tim KubikKubik Perspectives

I was so impressed with Susan’s facilitation skills.  It is evident that she speaks from the heart and portrays her authentic self in her teaching.

Kori RichardsInternational Facilitator-The World Leadership Shcool

You are doing what you do so well; connecting/bridging with with like minded people & other cultures.

Nancy TrombleyNicaragua 2014

Susan’s leadership beautifully navigates the varied terrain that global experiences bring us, from the discoveries that ignite our sense of being and purpose, to the challenges we face as we realign our sense of self and our place in the world.  With her wise and centered presence, Susan is able to inspire each individual and the group as a whole in a way that is both professional and authentic.  As a global education facilitator, Susan’s deep understanding of people and their context in the world makes learning vibrant and transformative.

Kyle VaughnTeacher, Parish Episcopal School