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On portals.

On portals: There is another land, that which lies just beyond the open doors and windows and fences and walls of this world.  Behind these structures live stories of woe and sorrow, celebrations of new birth and new love, familial contention and secrets hidden just-so.  The portals are painted and tattered, worn and pristine, cracked […]

Una respuesta.

This is for Spanish speakers and poetry lovers and those who connect with self in order to consciously connect with others.  This is an answer to one of my favorite poems by one of my favorite authors.  It addresses the contention, and further, the acceptance of the images we see in the mirror which are […]

The Experience of a Lifetime

In December of 2104, three women, Molly, Nancy and Ruthie visited Nicaragua with Away 2 Be.  This is what they had to say about their experience: It was a dark day on December 1, 2014 when three women (three friends) from Vermont gathered their carefully packed bags and their courage to begin a ten day […]

Happy Mother’s Day

People are Gifts Written by Molly, Nancy and Ruthie, 2014 visitors to Nicaragua December 08, 2014 This morning we packed our bags (in order to be able to fully enjoy our day), did yoga, read a poem on transition and our chose our daily angel cards.  (Ruthie-Adventure, Nancy-Beauty, Molly-Harmony, Susan-Intention). After our serene beginning, the wind […]


When one travels incessantly, the question “where is home?” often prevails. Sometimes places become home, sometimes, people are home, and just sometimes, “home” is a feeling. Upon landing to Nicaragua for the forteenth time in seven years, this is how I felt: Landed. …In that way in which one lands after never having slept… In that […]