Entries by Susan Lambert

Slum Life.

In India, we have the incredible opportunity to visit Dharavi, one of the largest slums in the world. After just moments in Dharavi, visitors feel comfortable and welcome thanks to Krishna Pujari and Reality Tours. This organization, created to demonstrate the positive side of Dharavi, (we try to avoid the word “slum”), exemplifies sustainable tourism […]

Accompaniment. “Walking with” to improve the world.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with parents and students from the Lincoln School in Providence, Rhode Island who are interested in visiting India with The World Leadership School. The extemporaneous words I shared convey the purpose of everything I do as an individual, with companies such as The World Leadership School and Taking […]

Fear of Transformation

This is our favorite piece on transformation and transition. We can all identify with change. It is constant and will forever be a part of our lives. May we welcome all aspects of what it means to change and embrace even the discomfort it elicits whether at home or abroad, fall or spring. Fear of […]

Before Empathy. The missing link.

I recently gathered with Denver’s creatives for a celebration of “Empathy”. This monthly gathering emanates social innovation, social change and the nature of our innate, human desire to establish empathy with one another. To find community. With international travel and education, empathy has become a “buzz” word whose ubiquitous nature leaves us wondering what the […]

6 of the World’s Most Peaceful Places to Travel.

The Cliffs of Moher—(From Doolin), Ireland Approach the Cliffs of Moher from the trailhead in Doolin. You must do this. Ireland itself is home to some of the most spectacular vistas I have ever seen, but this particular journey surpassed the rest. I arrived to Doolin via ferry from the Aran Islands one sunny afternoon […]

Peace. How to find it.

My culminating assignment in college was a paper written in both Spanish and English about perspective and the world between reality and fiction. I conspired with Hume, empathized with Rockwell and sought to live in Borges’ world of Tlön. I concluded the precious space in between is where peace transpires. Today we celebrate the International […]

From a far to Afar

This is a letter written in Mumbai this summer to Afar Magazine, another company who seems to have the tools and the vision to make meaningful travel possible for those who desire it.  (Response pending.) Dear Afar magazine, This is the current scene: A rooftop restaurant post-sunset.  The yellow, red and blue boat hulls in the harbor […]

Dear Human,

As we travel around the world, the need for effective communication and empathy becomes more and more apparent.  Often there is an overwhelming desire to “change the world” quickly and urgently. However, it is the small things we do, the connections we make that will inevitably create sustainable, positive shifts in the world.  This is […]

Dreaming of Utopia

“We are not handing out gifts, but we are brining forth the gifts inside the people themselves.” —Jacqueline Novogratz A persistent conversation and conundrum in the international travel and education field is with regard to “service” and “helping”.  We are beginning to see shifts in our practices and our values, recognizing sustainable, global change depends our […]