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Find all you need.

I have this theory that if it wasn’t for a few basic needs like elimination and procreation, we could easily spend the course of our lifetime on public transportation without ever needing to leave. Allow me to explain: In Central America, for example, one can be on a bus, (often dubbed “chicken busses”, often filled […]

A day full of love and wander in Nicaragua.

Thursday, Feb. 18th The morning started with awakening of the dogs barking, birds chirping and the sounds of the city coming to life. I climbed down my bunk bed and debated about how I wanted to begin my day, cold shower, stretch and yoga on the front porch or just the opportunity to make coffee […]

Arrival to Nicaragua

The first step outside of the airport baggage claim into the Nicaragua air brought me immediately back to my last visit, and every visit here – the warm humid air and distinctive scent of the air. Our friend and guide Susan greeted our group of five California women. Our driver was Frank, who proudly hoisted […]

8 tips for staying healthy on the road.

8 tips for staying healthy on the road. Oh, travel! For some, travel is an excuse to be sedentary and over indulge. For others, travel is an opportunity for adventure and discovery. And many people travel for work. Regardless of the type of traveler you are, feeling healthy while away and upon your return will […]

Leadership. How to.

“Leadership” has become a word whose frequency buzzes to the point of not being able to hear the word at all. Close seconds in our world of oft-used, sometimes-fulfilled buzzwords in global education, travel and group facilitation are “design thinking”, “paradigm shifting” “innovation” and “sustainability”. Up and coming words like “accompaniment” and “meaningful” will soon […]

Insight on Packing.

To pack. A necessary verb, though one that many of us loathe.  There you are…excited by the imminent adventure ahead.  The journey awaits, as do the people you will meet and the unsolvable mysteries that will greet you upon arrival.  But first…What will you bring? People always say to me, “You must have this packing […]

Questions on “Doing it Right”.

As often as possible, Away 2 Be will feature good people doing good things in the world!  Below is a blog written last December after visiting the organic farming cooperative in Esquipulas, Nicaragua.  For further information and to donate to the project, go to: http://www.friendsofesquipulas.org/   How could I possibly, can I, might I, try to […]

Collaborate Courageously.

This is all about redefining our roles in society and focusing on collaborating courageously. –Dow Chemicals And then sometimes there’s dissonance. And you know its good, because when things stay the same, when things are stagnant, growth refuses to appear. Last week I attended the Global Engagement Forum in Washington, D.C., elbow to elbow with […]

Travel alone. It’s a party!

Traveling alone to a new destination is like arriving to a party stag… The crux: You knock on the door.  This act takes the most effort and commitment and energy.  To your chagrin, the door opens. You purchase your plane ticket, click the button and feel that rush of excitement, apprehension and pride for choosing to […]