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Ready, set, TRAVEL! 5 tips to prepare yourself.

When you think about travel… It’s a dream. An exploration. A chance to connect with that person you would have never otherwise met. Travel is an opportunity to stretch comfort zones beyond boundaries you didn’t know were there and an invitation to peel back the many layers of self. It is a ubiquitous word, one […]

Falling for Good with La Casa Materna

This month, we celebrate! If you know Away 2 Be, you know one of our principal tenants is the philosophy of accompaniment.  Introduced by the Jesuits and adopted by leaders such asPaul Farmer, the term “accompaniment” reminds us to “walk with” one another, to relinquish our preconceptions and even our established goals in order to […]

Away 2 Be turns 3! (Our newsletter.)

Away 2 Be.  Believing in People. It’s our 3rd Birthday!  In three years, we have traveled from Nicaragua to Nepal, from Ecuador to Spain.  We have hiked to waterfalls, learned how to make tortillas and pinolillo, and we even swam with sea lions in the Galapagos!  Everywhere we go, we discover good people are everywhere and benevolence […]

Zoom! 5 ways to shift perspective.

How do you choose to see things differently? How do you zoom in to see the intricacies of something and simultaneously zoom out to see the beauty of the whole? You’ve seen Away 2 Be on Instagram and Facebook. We tout the ideals of presence and shifting perspective. We admire the notion of stepping back […]

A letter to disruptors.

Dear colleague, teacher, disruptor, innovator, I love that you are a proponent of “relationships first”.  Yes, relationships can be built through formative assessments, which are, in my opinion, a constant presence in an effective classroom.  Formative assessments are as simple as using one’s intuition to read an expression on a student’s face or watching the […]

Why am I here?

In consulting sessions or on programs with groups abroad, the first question we usually ponder together is “Why are we here?” It’s a question many of us ask when in new scenarios, when humbled by a mountain top, or in those moments of humility so expansive that our eyes begin to weep. I asked this […]