About Away 2 Be

Away 2 Be is on the precipice of a paradigm shift in global innovation.  Our answer to sustainable global change is creating meaningful relationships. We facilitate personal, local and global connections through yoga, educational and corporate consulting and international travel.  We know that in order to resolve the worlds greatest problems, we must begin with ourselves.

Away 2 Be participants are globally-minded and seek to gain a broader perspective of the world while simultaneously creating better relationships with themselves and their local communities.  They embrace people and culture and thrive from new experiences.

We believe stories and empathy are the pathways to peace and global change.  In order to fundamentally shift our current global situation, it is imperative to foster positive relationships with ourselves, our community and eventually, our world. We utilize the “personal, local, global” model to do just that!  Whether you choose a yoga session, a consulting session with your school or staff or an international experience with your friends, family or colleagues, Away 2 Be will provide tools to shift our current perspective and recognize our exponential potential.

About Susan Lambert

Susan is the founder of Away 2 Be. After nineteen years of international travel and facilitation, and almost a decade of teaching in the classroom, Susan realized the most poignant aspect of any experience is relationships.  She started Away 2 Be in order to create meaningful experiences through personal, local and global connections.

Additionally, Susan is the Liaison for La Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman in Nicaragua, and teaches Global Citizenship and Education for Social Innovation for Taking it Global, based in Toronto. Susan serves as an International Liaison and Consultant for The World Leadership School, an organization focused on leadership, global issues and sustainable, international relationships. Susan has facilitated activities and workshops both in the United States and around the world.  By incorporating global themes and sustainable intercultural practices in all she does, Susan creates opportunities for others to immerse themselves into lives and cultures at home and abroad.  Susan teaches yoga and lives wherever she happens “2 Be”.

Our Partners

La Casa Materna Mary and Jackman and Friends of La Casa Materna 

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The Casa Materna seeks to reduce maternal and infant death rates in the Matagalpa, Nicaragua region. The Casa provide pre-natal and post-natal care and education for mothers from rural areas with high risk pregnancies.

Matagalpa Tours

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Matagalpa Tours is a Nicaraguan Tour operator specialized in creating sustainable travel experiences, connecting Nature, Adventure and social-cultural activities.  We can provide your customized tour around Nicaragua and we are the experts for authentic destinations in the central region, Northern mountains and Caribbean.

The World Leadership School

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The mission of World Leadership School is to empower young leaders to find innovative solutions to the world’s pressing problems. WLS partners with K-12 schools to make the shift to 21st century learning. WLS helps schools create student-centered learning environments where students learn to think critically, communicate across cultures, collaborate and find creative solutions to problems. In the process, young leaders find their voices.

Taking it Global

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TakingITGlobal is one of the world’s leading networks of young people learning about, engaging with, and working towards tackling global challenges.  Youth around the world actively engage and connect in shaping a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world.  TakingITGlobal empowers youth to understand and act on the world’s greatest challenges.