La Casa Materna is a global organization dedicated to accompaniment and service to the women of the rural areas of Nicaragua. Travel and support and love are all what contribute to this community.

Falling for Good with La Casa Materna

This month, we celebrate!

If you know Away 2 Be, you know one of our principal tenants is the philosophy of accompaniment.  Introduced by the Jesuits and adopted by leaders such asPaul Farmer, the term “accompaniment” reminds us to “walk with” one another, to relinquish our preconceptions and even our established goals in order to collaborate and create together.

The Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman has been doing just that for 25 years.  In 25 years, the Casa Materna has welcomed over 17,600 women through their doors in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, and last week, we were able to celebrate their achievements with the staff of the Casa and women of the campo!  I have worked with the Casa for nearly a decade and am still humbled each time I visit, not only by the warmth and generosity it provides, but also for their steadfast dedication to lessen maternal death in Nicaragua and empower women around the world.

In honor of this amazing organization and all they have accomplished, for the next 25 days, the Casa Materna will be hosting an online CrowdRisecelebration to raise $25,000!

Here’s how you can continue the celebration for the Casa Materna with Away 2 Be:
–“Like” the Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman on Facebook and invite friends and family too!
–Share our posts on your facebook page each day.
–Contribute to our CrowdRise event.
–Share our stories with those you know and love via any medium you choose.
Travel with Away 2 Be to visit La Casa Materna in Matagalpa!

May this fall bring you new beginnings, new perspective and recognition of good in the world.

Susan Lambert
Founder, Away 2 Be

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