When we travel and connect in meaningful ways we can better understand people and cultures and mothers in the world. Without meaningful experiences we are only tourists.

The perfect way to honor mothers.

This year.  What a year!  Amidst life, loss, transition and wander, a few things remain constant:


As I pause to write, I think of another constant in the lives of many: The Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman.  The Casa Materna is one of the primary reasons Away 2 Be came to be.  It embodies the model we believe in: accompaniment.  The Casa Materna is a steadfast haven for the women of Nicaragua. Each day, expectant mothers are welcomed through the doors of the Casa to ensure the safe birth of their children. Each day the staff care for and walk with the women as they prepare for motherhood.

The Casa Materna and the staff love as a nurturing mother loves.

Every May I reach out those I know, in solidarity with the Casa Materna, to reflect upon the Casa’s impact, but this year is different!  2016 marks our 25th anniversary, Kitty Madden’s 75th birthday, and (wow), even I will be 35!  In 25 years, the Casa Materna has welcomed over 17,000 women and has been integral in drastically reducing the maternal mortality rate in Nicaragua.

The Casa Materna gives us hope for a better world.

To celebrate this remarkable anniversary and Mother’s Day, we invite you to give an alternative Mother’s Day gift to the mothers in your life! Your thoughts and prayers are enough.  Your compassion is enough.  Your commitment to “do good” is enough.  If you are able to donate, that too, will be enough.  This year, we are committed to raising $12,000 more than last year to compensate for an absence of funds as our supporters in Switzerland focus on the refugee situation at home.  Consider $2.50, $25 or $250 in honor of 25 years of dedication to reducing maternal mortality!

The Casa Materna is continuously evolving.

Recently, a friend said to me, “the only way to truly express gratitude is to keep doing the work”. We will strive to do just that with Away 2 Be.  Please reach out if you or someone you know would benefit from a visit to the Casa Materna.  Being with the women and staff of the Casa is an unrivaled, life-altering experience and one that will inevitably remind you there is good in the world.

We are grateful for your constant presence with us.  May we continue to love.  May we continue to hope.  May we continue to evolve as we walk with each other on this journey.

Stay tuned for more updates and photos from Away 2 Be.  (Just a hint: This message is coming to you from Ecuador!)

Happy Mother’s Day!

Susan Lambert
Founder – Away 2 Be
Liaison – La Casa Materna Mary Ann Jackman


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