The first day of our wonderful adventure through Nicaragua, connecting in sustainable ways with local people and culture

Arrival to Nicaragua

The first step outside of the airport baggage claim into the Nicaragua air brought me immediately back to my last visit, and every visit here – the warm humid air and distinctive scent of the air. Our friend and guide Susan greeted our group of five California women.

Our driver was Frank, who proudly hoisted our luggage to the roof of our small van. On our drive to San Simean, on the Laguna Apoyo – a beautiful lake created by a volcanic crater.

San Simeon is a tranquil property with small, individual huts with grass roofs. The perfect spot to acclimate to our visit in Nicaragua. The resort is run by a wonderful group of local Nicaraguans and owned by Daniel, a Swiss man who created a dream for himself. The evening meal was simple and fresh – flavorful chicken and rice. We shared a bottle of wine and talked about the hopes for our visit here. After dinner we engaged in lively game of Yahtzee, which entertained two Canadian men eating at the next table.

I ended the day in bed under a mosquito net, listening to the wind and feeling completely at peace.


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