Staying healthy and fit while traveling is helpful to feel alive and full of energy. Work your muscles in different ways. Stretch. Hydrate and eat well. Avoid sugar too!

8 tips for staying healthy on the road.

8 tips for staying healthy on the road.

Oh, travel! For some, travel is an excuse to be sedentary and over indulge. For others, travel is an opportunity for adventure and discovery. And many people travel for work.

Regardless of the type of traveler you are, feeling healthy while away and upon your return will do nothing but cure your travel woes and remind you of the great fortune you have to move and engage and wander through the world.

So here they are, in no particular order, by popular request, our eight tips for staying healthy on the road:

1.  Routine-Establish one. Find a healthy practice you are willing to do every day, be it five minutes, twenty minutes or an hour. This is something you will make time to do whether or not you feel you have time. (My routine looks something like this: Roll out of bed, drink warm water, sit and breathe, 5 minutes of stretching, 10 pushups, 10 abs, 10 one arm handstands, 10 minutes of writing=more or less 25 minutes total.) 

2.  Exercise-No gym at the hotel? In a city where jogging about as a solo female just won’t do? Think you don’t have the time? Do intervals. They’ve been proven to be a highly effective way to get your body in shape. Fast. (I travel with a list of at least 15 different interval routines. I’ll randomly pick one, sweat for 20 minutes or so, and feel satisfied for the rest of the day upon completion. Check out this app for a timer and this site for some ideas.)

3. Green powder-This was mentioned in a recent “packing tips” blog. Due to the fact many places don’t have the requisite green items on the menu, I highly recommend “green powder”. Take some each day. This is our favorite.

4.  Sugar-Do what you can to avoid it. You’ll feel better.

5.  Move-Okay, so the intervals are intimidating, you’ve got a 5-hour flight ahead and meetings all day long. Keep moving. Get up from your seat, and if the flight attendant expresses disappointment in your impressive airplane handstands, explain to her that you read this blog, that moving is a part of your regimen and if you don’t do it, your muscles will atrophy. If confrontation isn’t your thing, at least do some neck stretches, use the bathroom more than you actually have to and try “eagle arms”. Your traps and shoulders will thank you. **See an upcoming blog on “airplane, airport and when-you’re-waiting yoga”.

6.  Breathe-It seems like a silly suggestion because we have to do it to survive, but when we remember to breathe consciously, we are actually increasing optimal health. And when we remember to breathe, we often slow down, allowing for time to take that “mental snapshot” of wherever we are, appreciating whatever it is we get to do.

7.  Hydrate-Duh. But not just a little…a lot. Go for two liters of water a day. At least. I try to drink my body weight in pounds in ounces of water each day. (And then you’ll have to visit the restroom more, and then you’ll move more, and then you’ll feel better over all).

8.  Wash. Your. Hands.-Your right hand and left hand are the number one and number two most common vehicles for bacteria and the likely culprits when you come down with a cold or the flu.  Hand sanitizer is okay.  Soap and warm water is best.


Let us know your thoughts. Do you agree? What are your tips for staying healthy on the road? Contact us here.

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