Sustainable organic farming is part of this international community and its efforts in rural Nicaragua. Creating sustainable, meaningful, international connections is what Away 2 Be does.

Questions on “Doing it Right”.

As often as possible, Away 2 Be will feature good people doing good things in the world!  Below is a blog written last December after visiting the organic farming cooperative in Esquipulas, Nicaragua.  For further information and to donate to the project, go to:


How could I possibly, can I, might I, try to find a way to articulate gratitude without tones of cliche?  What makes all of this stand apart from the rest?  How can I begin to thank those that I have met on this journey and those that will forever welcome me back into their lives and homes no matter where my finger lands when I spin the globe?  How can I begin to describe Pablo, a man who facilitates a nutritional program for over 100 women, ensuring the health of their families, their children and sustainable education and learning for generations to come as he mourns the loss of his 8 year old son?  Who might be willing to understand Leo, Pablo’s best friend, who travels to the country side four days each week bringing materials, gifts and ideas to these communities to support sustainable health and agricultural education?   How are these sustainable values instilled?  How do people inherently know that listening and being with human beings is, by far, the most integral aspect of local and global change?  How does Hazel smile and put on eyeliner and dress Naomi like a princess when the roof of her house has blown off and everything inside is consequently destroyed by the rain?  How do the men and women of these communities choose to work together and learn from one anotherinstead of resort to mundane, seemingly irreversible poverty?  How do these communities decide that organic produce and produce,in general will improve their wellbeing and that of their families?  How do they find the strength, courage, willingness and spirit to show up, hug, smile and dance?  When we are “Away 2 Be”, we can “be with” in order to embrace all that simply is.

Susan, December 2014

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